The London Photo Show

The London Photo Show


I was so focused on finalizing my 'Passion' studio portrait series when I suddenly got a call about a spot being free at The London Photo Show 2023. It was fate! I had visited the event the year before and promised myself I would showcase my work there one day. Sadly, in 2023, I kept procrastinating and never thought my photos were good enough, and by the time I finally felt confident, it was too late to grab a spot. This exhibition, organized by the team at 36exp Photographers' School, is a fantastic opportunity for photographers to showcase their work. When this opportunity arose, I only had a mere 3 weeks to get ready. The race was on.

The event

The London Photo Show 2023 participation at the last minute turned out to be an excellent decision. I managed to sell my first ever art print and interact with attendees who may not have seen my pieces otherwise. I decided to display three large framed portraits in A1 size. It was a daring move for me, but it paid off well since the rooms were massive. The A1 sizes allowed visitors to appreciate all the details in my Passion portraits.



Throughout the entire event, starting from the grand opening to the final day on Sunday, the venue was filled with an energetic and lively crowd of visitors. It was truly an amazing experience witnessing people interact with my artwork and even taking home a leaflet or business card. I had the joy of conversing with a few visitors and it was incredibly satisfying to hear their enthusiastic feedback. To my delight, several of them reached out to me in the following days and weeks, resulting in extra sales.


Bargehouse gallery

Visit the captivating Bargehouse gallery in the lively heart of London's South Bank. With five floors of spacious space, this venue offers countless possibilities in a gritty and full of character setting. Located near famous cultural landmarks like the Southbank Centre and Tate Modern, as a result, I not only made valuable connections but also gained a deeper insight into the industry.

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