The Shard Walk


The hustle and bustle around London Bridge captivates me, this inspired the Shard walk project. I sought to capture the juxtaposition between the static sleek building with the organic, colourful individuals. Each photograph was created to convey a feeling of a passing instant. I deliberately blurred the faces, bodies, and movements of the pedestrians to emphasize their motion against the Shard's static presence. 

The day

I chose the perfect location on London bridge to place my camera and tripod, making sure they would not inconvenience anyone passing by. I used long exposure photography techniques to create a blurred effect on both the pedestrians and sky, it was also important for me to stay at the same spot throughout to maintain a consistent composition, with the Shard always in the same corner of every image. 


The Shard

Designed by Renzo Piano, The Shard, stands proudly next to London Bridge station as a landmark on the South Bank of London. This iconic skyscraper boasts offices, restaurants, a hotel, spa, apartments, and an observatory with breathtaking views. At 310m tall, it holds the title of the tallest building in Western Europe, making it easily identifiable from any point in the city. I am fascinated by how the building changes throughout the day, with clouds and sun creating beautiful unique reflections on its surfaces. And when night falls, The Shard impresses us with its breathtaking light displays and sheer omnipresence.

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