Portrait by Steve Franck         


 Artist statement

By seamlessly blending the human figure with the timeless emblem of love, I create a profound connection. We hold a unique and enchanting place in someone's heart. Those who truly cherish us can perceive our authentic essence, even when we struggle to see it ourselves. These fine art photography prints unveil our innermost being, exposing it to the world.



Vitor, born in Almada, Portugal, is an idealist at heart. With a passion for surfing, skating, art, photography, literature, and traveling, he has found his home in London for the past 20 years. Since a young age, Vitor's fascination with art has been unwavering. Exploring diverse mediums of creative expression, immersing himself in the works of artists, the rich tapestry of art history, refining his skills in drawing, sculpture, mold making, casting, 3D modelling and product design, his thirst for knowledge and curiosity are boundless. It was only three years ago that Vitor decided to truly embrace the craft of fine art photography. His unique style showcases boundless creativity and artistic flair. Through his lens, you can witness impeccable technique, subtle messages, purposeful shapes, and simplicity in color.


In May 2023, he unveiled his inaugural personal project at the famed Espacio Gallery in London. The exhibition was a remarkable collection of 40 intimate portraits that skilfully captured the very essence of Concrete Waves London members. It was an immersive experience for all visitors, who were able to witness the captivating beauty and profound passion exuding from each individual portrait. Building on this success, he recently participated in the renowned London Photo Show, where he astounded a larger audience with his latest work titled ''Passion''. These fine art photography prints received nothing short of rave reviews, further building on his reputation as a truly talented and creative newcomer artist. Vitor's journey as an artist and photographer is a testament to his resolute dedication and passion for the arts. You can find him in a London studio, capturing the essence of individuals through commissioned private portraits or bringing his personal projects to life.



13 May - 07 June 2024 - Follow Your Heart, Gallery 1885, London

09 - 12 November 2023- The London Photo Show, Bargehouse Gallery, London

17 - 21 May 2023 - Surf Skater Portraits of Concrete Waves London, Espacio Gallery, London


Photography is Art