Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe

Mirror Portrait by Vitor Lopes

After entering my work into three photo competitions, I received an email a few months later that brought me immense joy. It announced that one of my portraits had been recognized with an honorable mention at the 2023 Tokyo International Photo Awards! This served as the ideal conclusion to the Concrete Waves London project. I want to give a special thank you to Isac and all my incredible friends who posed for me.

About the photo

This is my friend Isaac, a stylish surfer and surf skater. We both agreed to trial the mirror at his portrait session. I am positioned on the floor below him, just out of frame. I used the Sony A74 and a 24-70mm f2.8 G master lens with a polariser filter, to cut glare and help the sky and the graffiti colours pop!  Additionally, I used a AD400 Pro battery powered flash, connected to a 105cm umbrella with a diffusion cover. The flash is set to a low power as I only needed to slightly illuminate certain areas. I asked Isaac to face the direction of the sun, and we spend about 20 minutes exploring various poses, this one is our favourite.

Whenever I visit that skatepark, my attention is immediately captured by that particular area. The ever-changing graffiti is a sight to behold, witnessing the transformation with each new layer of paint. It's a reminder of how swiftly things can shift, infusing a bittersweet nostalgia to the images i captured.


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