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Ethereal Love is incredibly refined and beautiful, almost too good to be true, seemingly from another more spiritual world. I use a imperceptible pink colour to represent sympathy and compassion, the white colour of the mask represents purity and innocence.




Idea- In early 2023, while conducting studio experiments, my concept for ethereal came to life. Throughout the year, I questioned my ability to accurately capture the precise look I had in mind. Despite making several attempts, none of them truly reflected the essence of what I envisioned. However, everything changed when I engaged in a practice session with two photographer friends. We experimented with different lighting arrangements, took turns posing for one another, and shared laughs exploring amusing ideas. It was within this relaxed and stress-free atmosphere that I ultimately discovered the ideal technical configuration for ethereal.


Fresh- To achieve my ethereal creative objectives, I needed a fresh perspective, poses and personality infused in the images, which led me to search for a new model. I dedicated three weeks to actively reaching out to different individuals. Among them, one person stood out with their exceptional portfolio and unwavering belief towards the project. Once the model was selected, a personalized heart mask was created in less than two weeks.


Vision- Each time she put on the heart mask, she seamlessly morphed into a different character, capturing the very essence of a ethereal being. I focused on building a connection with the model, guiding her through poses and offering feedback to enhance her performance. Our collaboration was seamless, with each frame capturing a moment of artistry, elegance and a unique representation of my original concept, showcasing the model's talent and my dedication to capturing her beauty.


Mist- I carefully adjusted the very large softbox behind the model, ensuring the wrap-around light highlighted her features and created a flattering glow. To control the wrap-around light and achieve the ethereal look, I directed the model to either come closer or move further away from the softbox. I also controled the dreamy effect on the bottom half of the picture by holding and moving a up or down a 100x100mm square Mist filter in front of my 85mm lens. In the end, the final images stood out as a perfect blend of professionalism, confidence, and creativity, encapsulating the magic of our collaboration.


Photography is Art.