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Like fiery sparks, passions ignite our souls with an overwhelming fervour and exhilaration. Listen to the voice within, unburdened by the shackles of your fears. I use the colour red to represent strength and intensity, while blue denotes sincerity and tranquillity. Live with passion.


The journey


Passion- Without it, I would never have started or finished these works. In early 2023, I embarked on a journey to study poses, camera angles, light, and color theory, to create the mood board for this heart wall art project. Aided by a plastic mannequin and various cardboard cut-outs, I dedicated several studio solo sessions to practice and ascertain how far I could push my creative ideas.


Search- Once happy with the overall look, it was time to search for real models and create the heart masks. I found the perfect individuals for this project; their enthusiasm and professionalism made a huge difference in the results we can see. I designed the masks using a 3D program and hired a prop maker to build them, using a lightweight material that could be painted, drilled, and polished if needed.


Masks- The design and build cycle was repeated three times due to the errors I made and the subsequent learning process. Personally, this was the hardest stage of the entire project, and it was costly too. To ensure a perfect fit, the mask is secured to the model's head by two elastic bands and foam inserts for comfort. Each heart mask was customized to perfectly fit the body proportions of the respective model. The heart wall art project was, at this point, ongoing for a total of six months.


In studio- The masks obstructed the models' vision, preventing them from seeing. However, their intuition and expertise enabled us to produce remarkable work. There were moments when my imagination would wander, making me believe in the existence of these unique and affectionate creatures. From the time I captured the first set of photographs, I knew these images would far exceed my expectations.


Printing- It took me a while to learn the art of creating photography wall prints. This lasted several months. I purchased a professional monitor, learned calibration, used print profiles to ensure accurate colors during editing, soft proofing, and tests on various papers. I was fortunate enough to receive valuable guidance from my local printers staff, manufacturers, and the super talented photographer Peter Li. Thank you all.


Framing- I had to find the ideal way to showcase my love heart wall art. The process of framing was intricate yet enjoyable, with numerous aspects to consider and limitless possibilities. Ultimately, I settled on a contemporary appearance. And just like that, my masterpiece of love, the heartwarming portraits of "Passion," was completed.


Models- You were truly a blessing. The chance I had to work with you, connect with you, and find inspiration from you will always hold a special place in my heart.



Photography is Art.